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Newsletter Archive: A Lot Has Happened 

Hey Everybody! 

It is hard to believe that is have been two months since our last email update.  Holy cow, time flies! 

As many of you know, we finished up a short tour of Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.  We were slated to appear in Knoxville, but a couple days before we were supposed to perform, the venue was seized by creditors.  Fortunately, we heard about the situation in Knoxville from a fan via Facebook while we were still in Kentucky, and we were spared an eight hours of wasted time on the road.  It…

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Newsletter Archive: Turning a Big Corner! 

Hey Everybody! 

We have some big news.  We are getting ready to embark on our first four-state tour in a couple of weeks.  Here is where we will be performing: 

  -  June 9th  Waconia Performing Arts Center,  Waconia, MN 
  -  June 14th  Calumet Theater,  Calumet MI 
  -  June 16th  Bay Mills Casino,  Brimley, MI 
  -  June 18th  Ohio Theater,  Toledo, OH 
  -  June 20th  20th Century Theater,  Cincinnati, OH 
  -  June 22nd  Lancaster Grand Theater,  Lancaster, KY 
  -  June 23rd  Slick Willy's,  Knoxville, TN 

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Newsletter Archive: Great Shows In New Towns 


Hello Everyone! 

I would like to start out by giving a shout out to one of the band's most important supporters.  There is a gentleman, who has asked to remain anonymous, who has really made our ability to tour possible.  In fact, the truck and bus that we took this weekend to do our shows in Grand Forks and Fergus Falls were made possible by his generous support. 

There are those who spend their time and resources making their own lives better, and there are those who spend their time and resources…

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Newsletter Archive: Bigger Light Show 

This is an archive of our band newsletter dated 2018-03-07. To receive these updates in your email, join the email list on our Home page.

"The show was phenomenal. Run Like Hell sounded fantastic! I can't get over the high quality of your sound and artistic integrity. I certainly hope this project brings bigger things for you. Congratulations on an outstanding performance, and thanks for proving me right." 

Randy A. Salas 
Senior Digital Producer, Minnesota Public Radio

Hello Everyone! 
I want to send…

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Newsletter Archive: The Wall Ballet and Beyond 

All Four Shows Of The Wall Ballet Have Sold Out!

Hello Everyone! 

Well it is now official that all four shows of The Wall ballet featuring your favorite Pink Floyd tribute band have sold over 2,000 seats and have officially sold out!  Hopefully, you were able to get your tickets to the show.  We have been in rehearsals with the Twin Cities Ballet and the Cowles Center and the show looks very cool!  I think you will really like it.  On an interesting note, someone contacted the Twin Cities Ballet about…

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Newsletter Archive: Getting Ready for The Wall 

This is an archive of our band newsletter dated 2018-02-16. To receive these updates in your email, join the email list on our Home page.

** February 16, 2018: Getting Ready for The Wall 

"I am here to tell you, this band is AWESOME, they have this show and music worked out to perfection! The music, the lights, and the whole experience is plain and simply.... as good as it gets! If you ever get the chance to experience this show, you will NOT be disappointed!" 
- Neil Lang, Manager, Marion Ross Center 

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Newsletter Archive: Kicking Off A Great New Year 

This is an archive of our band newsletter dated 2018-02-07. To receive these updates in your email, join the email list on our Home page.

** February 7, 2018: Kicking Off A Great New Year

"Phenomenal show! You rocked it! There are only a handful of times that the Mabel has been jumping like that, and it was awesome. Tons of people who have never been here before and even our older ushers LOVED IT! Thank you so much for such an amazing Saturday night at the Mable!" 

- Andrew Mercil, Executive Director…

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Roadie's Rhetoric Vol.2 - by Ben Beaver 

The SUPERGROUP! An Expose: Some Groups Are Born Super

One term that exists in the musical world that I’ve never much cared for is the word “Supergroup.”

Like the Avengers or the Justice League, a Supergroup is a coming together of already powerful individuals in their own right, in an attempt to combine forces and make them into an even more powerful team! What could possibly go wrong?!  Did you see the Justice League movie?  Plenty can go wrong.

My first recollection of hearing the term and getting…

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Reflections on a two-year Band-iversary - by Sharisse Germain 

Thanks for reading!  I’ve decided to journal the history of my involvement with Run Like Hell in memoir form.  This will be a multi-part series diving into my beginnings, middles, and present day reflections playing in this wonderful ensemble.  Please enjoy!

Reflections on a two-year Band-iversary November 23rd, 2015 - Present  By: Sharisse Germain, Formerly Sharisse Derby  Chapter 1: The Beginning 

“You’re a big fish in such a small pond, Sharisse. It’s time you go out and find what awaits you in the…

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Roadie's Rhetoric Vol.1 - by Ben Beaver 

Dick Parry – All The Sax You Can Handle! 

One of my favorite things about Pink Floyd is learning about the sheer number of people who contributed, in one form or another, to the creation of some of the most memorable pieces of music ever written. 

Pink Floyd saw any number of guest musicians come and go throughout their years of recording and touring, but one guy who definitely left his mark in the Floyd universe was Richard “Dick” Parry, an English saxophone player and good friend of David Gilmour. 


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