Newsletter Archive: Turning a Big Corner!

Hey Everybody! 

We have some big news.  We are getting ready to embark on our first four-state tour in a couple of weeks.  Here is where we will be performing: 

  -  June 9th  Waconia Performing Arts Center,  Waconia, MN 
  -  June 14th  Calumet Theater,  Calumet MI 
  -  June 16th  Bay Mills Casino,  Brimley, MI 
  -  June 18th  Ohio Theater,  Toledo, OH 
  -  June 20th  20th Century Theater,  Cincinnati, OH 
  -  June 22nd  Lancaster Grand Theater,  Lancaster, KY 
  -  June 23rd  Slick Willy's,  Knoxville, TN 

This is a very exciting development for the band as it is the first multi-state tour that we have booked.  It takes most bands several years before they are in a position to go on a tour like this.  The fact that we can do it in less than two years is nothing short of amazing.  It has only been possible through the support of some of the best fans in the world! 

While we are on the road, we will be making multitrack recordings of all the shows so that when we get back, we can release a CD of our live performances.  If all goes well, we should be able to release it some time in July or August.  Stay tuned! 

We have also become involved with the Midwest Tribute Fest, have hired one of the nation's top entertainment attorneys, and have been busy adding additional lights and music to our show.  All of these things will help keep the trajectory of the band moving forward as our popularity and travel continue to grow. 

You guys are the greatest!  Thank you for supporting the band! 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Marion Ross Center 

Remember that show "Happy Days" with Mr. C and The Fonz?  Well, it turns out that none other than Marion Ross who played Mrs. Cunningham on the television show was from Albert Lea, MN.  She has since returned to Albert Lea and has been active in the arts community there.  The Marion Ross Center was named after her.  Neil and the crew there were simply awesome, and we had a great show.  The audience was great. 

Kato Ballroom 

We had a great show at the Kato Ballroom down in Mankato, MN.  The audience was up on their feet and dancing intensely by the end of the show.  Thank you Mankato for giving us such a warm reception! 


Scharlene Ann Crousore 

Last August we did a performance at the Marion Ross Center in Albert Lea, MN.   Shortly afterward, we received a beautiful letter from Bryce Crousore, who had brought his mother, Scharlene, to the show.  Scharlene suffered from advanced Alzheimers and was not able to take care of herself.  But apparently, she was a huge Pink Floyd fan and her son decided to bring her to the show.  The story he wrote to us was incredibly moving as he described how his mother started singing along with us. 

"From ma remembering lyrics to Time, to a great show ... this was much, much needed. And our family won't forget that night. So grateful. With DSOTM in '74, best gift she ever gave me was a life of Pink Floyd music." Regrettably, Scharlene passed away a couple of weeks ago.  Her son, Bryce sent us this very touching announcement that was very touching. 

"You can't begin to imagine how meaningful was this night! After 7 years of Alzheimer's hell;  just last autumn in Albert Lea, you gave mama the best going away present she could have had. Our sincerest love and gratitude! 

We're born; we live; we die. And musicians and talent like these make that life seem worthy." 




"We sincerely thank you for all the fun over the past couple of years!  We love rocking to the music and light show, and we have really enjoyed getting to know each of you.  Our favorite show is always the one we are at, and when it's done,  we start looking forward to the next one....  Take care and keep rocking!  See you next time!" 

- Terry & Trudy 


Todd Berntson 

Vocals, Guitar 

Todd began playing guitar and singing at the age of 11 and has performed with numerous bands including The Architects, Abunji Fungus, and The Egg of Nyx primarily as a songwriter, singer, and guitar player. His deep love for the music of Pink Floyd began in the early 80s when he heard The Wall for the first time. Since then, he has been a fanatical fan of Pink Floyd and in 2015, founded the Floyd tribute band “Saucerful of Secrets” which eventually became Run Like Hell.

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