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All Four Shows Of The Wall Ballet Have Sold Out!

Hello Everyone! 

Well it is now official that all four shows of The Wall ballet featuring your favorite Pink Floyd tribute band have sold over 2,000 seats and have officially sold out!  Hopefully, you were able to get your tickets to the show.  We have been in rehearsals with the Twin Cities Ballet and the Cowles Center and the show looks very cool!  I think you will really like it.  On an interesting note, someone contacted the Twin Cities Ballet about making a wedding proposal to their girlfriend at the show this weekend!  We are honored that someone would think this was a cool enough event to want to propose to their future spouse during our show.

What's Happening

The Wall On Public Radio

Minnesota Public Radio has done a feature on The Wall ballet show.  Rick and Denise from the Twin Cities Ballet and Todd from Run Like Hell sat down with Hailey Colwell from MPR to discuss the upcoming show.  Here is a link to the article.

In The Pioneer Press

One of the major newspapers in the Twin Cities, the Pioneer Press, also did a very cool article on the upcoming Wall ballet as well.  Here is a link to the article.

In Dance Magazine

The Ballet even made it into the national publication Dance Magazine, which is the Rolling Stone Magazine of the dance world.  Our production is tucked into all of the big productions in New York, London, and L.A.  To get noticed at all by the national media on this is a pretty big deal.

Other News

Video Shoot in Waconia

We will be performing a show at the Waconia Performing Arts Center an Saturday, June 9th, and will be shooting a broadcast-quality, multi-camera video shoot of some new music and expanded light show.  This will be one of our only other performances in the Twin Cities this year.  The Waconia Performing Arts Center is a brand new venue that is absolutely wonderful stage for our show. We hope to see you all at the show.  It should rock!  Tickets for the Waconia show are available here.

Sound System Upgrade

Following The Wall show, we will have a couple of weeks off from performing while we work on our expanded light show.  During that time we will be expanding our sound system by adding a new mixer for our on-stage monitor system, moving to digital snakes, and moving our main sound board out front of the stage, so that Shannon can work more efficiently.  We are grateful for the help of some very smart and talented people who are assisting with the design and build of our upgraded system.

Meet The Band

Matt Mayfield - Guitar, Vocals, Sax, Clarinet, Tech Director

Matt Mayfield is a musician, teacher, and technology enthusiast from Saint Paul, MN. He has performed on voice, guitar, keyboards, and woodwinds in many styles and ensembles, and has taught music, technology, and audio engineering for the past sixteen years. Matt is the author of the flagship Digital Audio Foundations course from LinkedIn Learning, and served on the faculty of Minneapolis Community and Technical College and the Minnesota Arts High School. 

Matt joined the band in late 2015 and his extraordinary technological expertise and creativity is why Run Like Hell has such an incredible light show.  He is freakishly smart, a tireless innovator of ways to help the band be more efficient, and has not only written some custom software to control our lighting system, but is also creating a computerized Contact Management System that will allow us to automate the management of our rapidly-growing show calendar.  He is truly one of the most interesting and multi-talented people we have ever met, and he can wield a pun like a ninja!

Upcoming Shows

This year is going to be a breakout year for Run Like Hell.  New shows are being added to our schedule every week.  Please take a moment to check out our upcoming show calendar on our website by clicking here.

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