Newsletter Archive: Kicking Off A Great New Year

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** February 7, 2018: Kicking Off A Great New Year

"Phenomenal show! You rocked it! There are only a handful of times that the Mabel has been jumping like that, and it was awesome. Tons of people who have never been here before and even our older ushers LOVED IT! Thank you so much for such an amazing Saturday night at the Mable!" 

- Andrew Mercil, Executive Director, Mable Tainter Center 

Hello Everyone! 

Man, what a start to the new year. We just finished up a string of shows and are getting ready to perform The Wall with the Twin Cities Ballet at the Cowles Center for the Performing Arts in a couple of weeks. A lot has happened since our last update. Thank you again for your support of Run Like Hell. We couldn't do this without you! :-) 


** Sell-Out Show at Paradise Center for the Arts 
2018 started out with a sell-out show at the Paradise Center for the Arts in Faribault. The weather was extremely cold, but the audience just rocked! We received several standing ovations and everyone was dancing by the end of the show. Thank you to everyone who attended the show to help us kick off a new year with great energy. 

** Sell-Out of the Mabel Tainter Center 
We had the opportunity to perform in what the Smithsonian calls "the 13th most beautiful theater in the world!"  Everyone at the Mable Tainter Center was great to work with and the audience was great! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us. You rocked the house! 

** The Wall Ballet 
Join us at the Cowles Center for the Performing Arts for a performance of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" with the Twin Cities Ballet. This will be the first time that The Wall will be performed by a professional ballet in the U.S. 

All four shows are almost sold out. If you want to see the show, get tickets soon! 

** Other News 
* Expanded Show. We are currently working on an expanded light show that we hope to debut at the end of March. The new show will include additional lighting, video, new songs, and a new mirror ball that drops from the ceiling during Comfortably Numb=E2=80=94assuming that everything works as expected. 

* Looking for Crew. We are currently looking for additional members of our crew to help set up, tear down, and move our show. This is a long process as finding the right people takes some time. The goal is to minimize the amount of set up and tear down that the musicians have to do in order to minimize the risk of injury. 

** Scott Yonke, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar 

After playing in bands all through high school in the Minneapolis area, Scott moved to Mankato, Minnesota and played in "The Void" until 1998. Scott then formed the band "3 in a Tree", which recorded and toured in Texas. Scott has performed with several bands including "Fat Rudy", "Soulie", and Ian Hilmer's band (former lead singer of The Void). 

Scott first joined Run Like Hell in early 2016 and has contributed significantly to the overall sound of the band. He is not only an extraordinary bass player and songwriter, Scott also has an encyclopedic knowledge of Pink Floyd and a vast library of recordings of live performances of Floyd. Scott has the honor of being the funniest member of the band. He is hilarious. His clever and smart sense of humor help keep us all having fun during very intense rehearsals and performances. We are extremely lucky to have him in the band.

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