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Hello Everyone! 

I would like to start out by giving a shout out to one of the band's most important supporters.  There is a gentleman, who has asked to remain anonymous, who has really made our ability to tour possible.  In fact, the truck and bus that we took this weekend to do our shows in Grand Forks and Fergus Falls were made possible by his generous support. 

There are those who spend their time and resources making their own lives better, and there are those who spend their time and resources improving the lives of other people.  Our kind friend falls into the latter category.  He is a class act in every respect and this band will be forever in his debt for his superhuman level of kindness and generosity.  He has been an inspiration to us, and we hope that more people in this world will follow his example and take an interest in improving the lives of those around them. 

Thank you.

Diamond Jo's Casino 

We had the opportunity to perform at Diamond Jo's Casino in Dubuque, Iowa.  What a great venue and great audience.  This was our first time performing in Iowa, and we really had a great time. We look forward to performing at Diamond Jo's again.  

Empire Arts Center 

Grand Forks, North Dakota is the home of a very nice 400-seat theater that is GREAT for concerts.  Emily and the crew were really great and we had a wonderful time.  Thank you North Dakota for such a warm reception.  We look forward to seeing you again soon! 

A Center for the Arts 

Heads up to the good folks in Fergus Falls!  You guys have a gem of a performing arts center and the director, Michael, is one of the most incredible people we have met.  We were met with a crew of five guys who jumped in and did a ton of work to help set up our stage.  Everything about the show was great.  The staff was helpful and nice, the audience was energetic, and everything was managed in a top-notch fashion.  Thank you everyone!  We will see you again soon! 

Aaron McCune 

We were quite surprised to walk outside before one of our shows and see the artist Aaron McCune working on some Run Like Hell artwork on the sidewalk.  His work is nothing short of STUNNING!  If you have a moment go check out his amazing artwork!

Other News


Last week, we flew down to Wichita to pick up our new tour bus!  We picked up a Prevost H3-45 from a charter company and are starting the process of converting it into a tour bus.  We ended up selling our old bus as it turned out to just be too small.  This new one is absolutely fantastic!  Keep an eye out for us on the road!


We will be performing a show at the Waconia Performing Arts Center an Saturday, June 9th, and will be shooting a broadcast-quality, multi-camera video shoot of some new music and expanded light show.  This will be one of our only other performances in the Twin Cities this year.  The Waconia Performing Arts Center is a brand new venue that is absolutely wonderful stage for our show. We hope to see you all at the show.  It should rock!  Tickets for the Waconia show are available here.

Meet The Band

Sharisse Germain: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Marketing

The world is full of great singers, but there is only one Sharisse.  Not only does she receive standing ovations at every single show for her intense and emotional performances, she is also an accomplished keyboard player, songwriter, guitar player, and a master at vocal arrangement.  When she is not performing, she is one of the friendliest and warm people you will ever meet, and with her big smile and a quick sense of humor, she is always swarmed with adoring fans.  She has been with Run Like Hell since its inception and is truly one of the cornerstones of the band's sound. 

Performing since she was 10 years old, Sharisse attributes her inspiration and aspiration to that of her parents, who are both vocalists. She completed her Bachelor of Music at St. Cloud State University, with an emphasis in Classical Voice Performance studying under Soprano Dr. Catherine Verrilli, and Baritone Dr. J. Hugh Givens.  Sharisse has been the featured singer in several bands including The Shakes, Hit Kickers, Ten Mile Creek, and her most recent creative project, The Elliot Avenue Band.

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